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Corporate Profile

Leiio is a U.S., vertically integrated, premium brain performance brand fueled by mushrooms.

Our vertical supply chain develops and supplies USA-grown, 100% full-fungi functional mushrooms to our in-house consumer brands and a finely curated network of wholesale partners. 

Pending a DEA license, Leiio will begin developing novel IP and the foundation for a safe, standardized and naturally-derived psilocybin for researchers across the U.S. 

Leiio’s three verticals work together toward the same strategic goal.  We are pioneering research into psilocybin production and protocols through Leiio Innovations. While we are developing a consumer-facing, vertically integrated, premium line of proprietary nootropics through Leiio Consumer, we are building a wholesale business providing FDA-approved functional mushrooms to industry-leading wellness brands and DEA-approved psilocybin mushrooms to researchers across the US.

Leiio Consumer

A premium brain performance brand fueled by mushrooms.

Leiio Distribution

Advancing the quality and reach of premium functional mushrooms.

Leiio Innovations

Advancing and formulating regulated and novel psychoactive compounds.